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PROJECT: Faith Journey January 25, 2016 - PROJECT: Faith Journey

January 25, 2016


An Honest Look at Our Attitudes Towards Homelessness

Off for a couple of weeks around the holidays, we are back with the podcast. Today's podcast comes as we continue our conversation with "An Honest Look at Our Attitudes Towards Homelessness." Whether they living under a bridge or in the nicest home that money can buy, with a generous attitude of Christ towards our fellow man, God can do amazing things through us to bless and minister with an honest heart to those living around us. We hope that today’s conversation opened your eyes a bit more to the needs of the homeless community –that they are all people too, created in the image of God just as you and I are. Let us strive to live our lives humble in spirit, thankful for what little we have, and more than that grateful for those God has in our lives.

An Honest Look at Our Attitudes Towards Homelessness

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