Daily Archives: June 4, 2016

the Forgotten Initiative - Interview with Jami Kaeb

Too often in the church ministries that focus on orphans, widows and various helps ministries are seen as side projects that we “will get to when we have time.” But, Scripture shows us that these should be ministries in the forefront! Orphans and widows are in the time of their life where they most need people around them to love them, care for their needs, and show the love of Christ through their actions; if we were in the same state in life, wouldn’t we want the same form others? Who cares for the state and agency case workers? Who ministers to the foster parents? What about the parents who got their children taken, or the children who age of the system? Who is caring for these forgotten individuals? — That’s where Jami Kaeb and the ministry The Forgotten Imitative comes in…

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