What is PROJECT: Faith Journey?

We are here to ask the question:

“How can we be Christians and purposefully relevant in our culture?”

We don’t want to be “casually religious people,” passing through life, but rather ones’ that promote personal transformation to be made whole in Christ. We plan to tackle hard questions that people face daily in relating to the God of the universe, yet in a very personal and intimate way.

“Why,” you ask? Because that is the very nature of God — up close, personal and relevant to our soul — all as we experience the difficulties of a world longing for the depth of a Father who just wants to commune with us personally & individually

About Josh & Jen

Currently living in North Texas, Josh, a web designer, and Jen, a school tutor, enjoy together time, being involved with church, homeschooling, and taking pictures of their kids in the bluebonnets each spring. They dream of one day packing up and moving to international destinations to minister to and encourage the hearts of others believers as God leads them. They strongly believe that ALL Christians are “missionaries” and are called to minister with their lives somewhere, even if just to the community in your own backyard.

It’s simple:
Live life how God has called you to — for Him first and alone.

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