Do you want to communicate the Gospel to those around you?

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How can we work daily to relate the Gospel to those around us?

If you don’t realize it, good communication is key to ministry. Not just for the pastor from the pulpit, but day-to-day, as God takes you about your day, the life that God uses you to speak into others is key to relating the need for the Gospel to others.

Today we are speaking about communicating on a real level in such a way that people can truly receive it.

If all we are doing is talking, and they are not hearing in such a way that it relates to them, then you might as well be speaking in a foreign, unknown language. They must respect it and you if they are going to all it into their lives to change their hearts.

About our guest

On today’s episode, we have a special interview with another fellow podcaster, Kenneth Ortiz. To connect with Kenny online, you can visit his website: kennethortiz.com – or through Twitter: @KennethOrtiz.

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Music in this episode was contributed by Kevin Macleod.
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