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PROJECT: Faith Journey Could you foster? The Top 3 questions for foster parents
Protected Foster Children

Could you be a foster parent? What are the top 3 questions we get as foster parents?

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What is this podcast episode about?

This is an episode about 2 things:
  1. A recent blog post that Jen wrote about our current foster placement (Foster parenting is one of the hardest callings I’ve faced…) concerning a young 2 week old that we received into our home — at only 2 days old.
  2. Plus, we close the episode with all those questions looming in your head that you want to ask us as Foster Parents — the difficultly of seeing them go and “how you could never do that…” Am I right? Is that what you were thinking?

The questions we hear most often are:

  • How do you let them go?
  • Are you going to adopt these children?
  • How do your children deal with having other children in the home?

Listen to the podcast to hear our answers…

Are you hearing things? Did you just hear a baby?

During this podcast, you might hear a baby cooing in the background, maybe even drinking her bottle, or possibly cry off and on. That’s because while recording, she was in my arms, drinking her bottle, spitting up formula, and just being cute. Jen is going to read to you how we just in love with this little one, one that I need to remind you is NOT our own.

The reality is that the day after we recorded this podcast and I was preparing it to go online, we got “The Call” — The one that foster parents get when they hear that the placement is leaving, either going back to family or on to another foster family. That’s right, she’ll be leaving us in less than a week. It’s sad, even though this newborn cutie has only been with us a few weeks.

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Music in this episode was contributed by Kevin Macleod.

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