The Day-to-day lives of blended families: Brooke & Court, Part 2 | Episode 35

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This is part 2 of Brooke & Court’s story; listen to part 1 online.

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God’s healing and redemption

Last time we spoke to Brooke and Court, we learned how God redeemed them and brought them to a place of healing, truly for God’s glory.

“Life was a struggle for Brooke and Court. “‘It hasn’t worked your way God, I’m going to try it my own way,’ and I walked away from Christ for two years.” Struggling to make it work, they broke off their engagement — and then God stepped in. As the Lord moved in their life, they took the 40 days to get their hearts right — And then God asked them to do something crazy…”

In part 2…

We not only ask what it’s like to live day-to-day as a blended family, we ask how how their family, friends and church responded to their relationship — were they treated okay, or even accepted?

We also asked how the kids have adapted to being in this new family — Do they fight or just flat out reject one another? Has there been any resentment in the last 2 years of their marriage?

What to expect

In this episode, we will hear some great thoughts and tips from Brooke and Court towards other blended families, as well as to others who truly want to reach out and minister to blended families in their church or community.

Bonus: This month, you can read Brooke and Court’s testimony on HopeForTheHeart.org.

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Music in this episode was contributed by Kevin Macleod.
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