De-Churched: Reaching out to those hurt by the church? | Episode 31

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Have you been hurt by the church?

I know it sounds strange, but are you part of the “de-churched” crowd? There are many kinds of people that are hurt by the church. As part of the greater Body of Christ, we should be doing better to reach those who have left the church — but that isn’t always easy for the local church for some reason.

Ed Stetzer descibes it like this: “To reach the dechurched, we have to understand them. And, as I see the dechurched, there are two main groups—the open and closed. How we seek to reach a dechurched person should be determined, in part, by which group they’re from.”

We hope that you enjoy this episode from myself, Josh, from PROJECT: Faith Journey, Jason from Genesis to John the Revelator, and Chris from the Uncategorised Christian Podcast.

Show Notes:

In today’s podcast, we referenced a couple of articles, including:

  • 5 Embarrassing Things from the Church I’m Glad I Experienced, by Jonathan Malm
    He noted 5 reasons that people might leave the church, including:
    1. Moral Failures
    2. Weird, “Spiritual” Stuff
    3. Worship Wars
    4. Hypocrisy
    5. Spiritual Manipulation
    Read the full article.
  • Why Criticizing the Culture Doesn’t Actually Change the Culture, by Phil Cooke.
    “But I suggest we begin re-thinking why we’re here and what our real assignment is on the earth. Are we supposed to reach the lost or complain about the lost? And second, we need to understand that constant criticism—even if we’re right—isn’t always the best strategy for actually changing things.In other words, if all we do is complain, the culture will simply tune us out. At some point we have to reach out a hand and start a conversation…”
  • We also mentioned many points from an article by Ed Stetzer, of Lifeway Research: 3 Tips for Reaching the Dechurched.

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