How do you walk away from your struggles with Drug Addictions? (An Interview) - Part 2

How do you walk away from your struggles with Drug Addictions? (An Interview) – Part 2 | Episode 15

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This episode is a continuation of our last episode when we talked with Josh’s brother, Ryan. From middle school in to high school, college and married life, he’s had struggles with addiction, unfortunately mostly revolving around drug habits. It’s amazing how habits can play a role in our lives.

Telling Ryan’s story, his battle continued through his married life… His habits began, seeking acceptance from others and not wanting to feel alone. But as it progressed, it became less of something he did occasionally, but something that had control of him. Listen in as we continue the conversation with him…


It’s difficult to continue forward — successfully — when we don’t have wise people around us. 

Proverbs 13:20 tells us “Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.

Also, James 4:8 says to “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you...”

Ryan had found some help, but not true accountability. If we are going to get through the issues and problems in life we are facing, we need help and cannot do it on our own. 

If you are looking for help in your local area, Celebrate Recovery helps everyday people walk out of habits, hurts and hangups that are holding people back from getting closer to God. We won’t be successful in our Christian walk without it.

Are habits controlling you?

It’s amazing what role habits can play in our lives. People say “oh, its just something I do.”

Well, anything that you give weight, place, time in your life, begins to become a focus, a God in your life. Just as when we give time for our Creator, if we care for Him as much as we do anything else, we would give him more time and show how important He is in our life. Whether it’s drugs or food or pornography or another person or whatever, if we give it time, it can become an idol over God.

Finding help…

If you are struggling and need help, we encourage you to find at least someone to talk with openly and honestly, if not also find real help from a counselor or treatment program. Programs like Celebrate Recovery help people find success beyond food, attitudes, drugs, etc.

If we are going to have the Hope in Christ, “the anchor of our souls,” as Hebrews 6:19 calls it, while our relationship with God is personal, truly we are only going to be successful when we walk this out together.

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Music in this episode was contributed by Kevin Macleod.

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