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PROJECT: Faith Journey I'm having Target withdrawals -- literally.
I'm having Target withdrawals

I’m having Target withdrawals — literally.

That was my go-to store — operative word being “was“.

You see, I have joined the Target boycott. Not for the reasons that the media is trying to paint, but for the safety of myself and my children. The media is trying to say that this is a right wing agenda filled with fear, bigotry, and hate — to that I avidly disagree!

I know there are those who are fearful of the LGBT community and who do lash out in hatred. That is not ok ever! That is not what I will advocate for ever. In fact, we have close friends in the LGBT community and we love them. Jesus loves them! So, please do not read this as anything other than it is.

What this is not…

This is not a call to hatred, this is not a call to bigotry, this is not a call for exclusion, and this is not a call to boycott a company for their support of the LGBT community. This is a call to stand up for the protection of women and children and to not use your political agenda to defend your lack of care.

As I said before, the media is making this a left wing vs right wing issue.

If that is true, my question is why? Do left wing people not care about women or children? Do they not care that because of Target’s policy ANYONE can use the restroom or dressing room of their choice? I don’t think this is true!

I think that both left and right wing people should come together because this is no longer about a provision for a transgender person to feel comfortable but an open door to any man wanting to come into the women’s restroom or dressing room. Unfortunately this no longer protects our privacy or comfort as a woman.

Is every man a dangerous person?

Of course not! But I would venture to say that the men choosing to use the women’s facilities are less than savory.

I can not and will not support a place that puts their agenda over the safety of my children.

Am I saying that I am afraid to go into Target because there will always be bad people? Of course not. That is living in fear and I will have none of that. But, I do know that God gives us wisdom.

I’m sure there are places in your area that you do not frequent because there is a potential for danger. Maybe there is known gang activity or whatever it might be. Obviously it is not dangerous all the time but you wouldn’t take your kids walking down the street there either. Target has opened the door to any and all perverts with their policies and I will not put my children at risk just so I can get a good deal at a store. Their innocense is much more important to me and Target has shown time and time again that women and children are not their priority.

Just yesterday Tim Wildmon, President of American Family Action, delivered the boycott pledge to the Target corporate headquarters with a common sense solution that would not only provide a place for those who feel uncomfortable in the restroom but also protect the privacy and safety of women and children. Target rejected their offer to protect “inclusion”. In other words, Target’s agenda is more important than the safety of women and children.

Well Target, we hear you loud and clear! I urge every single person who cares about the safety of women and children to sign the boycott pledge and to uphold your pledge. This is not a right vs left wing agenda! This is a safety issue and we need to tell Target and any other location that would follow in its footsteps that we will not stand for their blatant disregard for our safety!

To sign the pledge:

Again, I need you to hear me when I say I have nothing personally against the LGBT community. I do not advocate for any bigotry or hatred towards anyone! We are called to love — end of story! But, I will absolutely advocate for the safety of my children no matter what the costs!

This time the cost happens to be giving up my favorite store… and I am OK with that.

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