The justice Cheer Team

The Story of the Justice Cheer Team: The Road from Texas to L.A.

This podcast episode is the story of Justice Cheer Team out of Midlothian, Texas.

What is the Justice Cheer Team?

In their 7th season, this cheer squad is a team made of both special needs individuals and their non-disabled peers coming together in one team to cheer as one in their community. Inclusion and acceptance is lived out amongst these young girls, which should only further and help them as they help shape the way society treats everyone, disabilities or not, as equals.

The difference they are making in their community is inspiring.

The road from Texas to L.A.

In just days from now, the team, along with parents and helper, will be traveling to Los Angeles to perform in the World Special Olympics. This is a special honor and the first time that cheerleading has been asked to perform.

How can you help?

If you want to be part of sending this beautiful group of young performers to L.A., you can do that by giving to their cause: youcaring.com/SendJustice2LA.

But hurry. There is less than 2 weeks 1 week to give so they can get there. Whether you are a business owner or have a few extra bucks, let’s join behind them to get them there.

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Music in this episode was contributed by Kevin Macleod.

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