Like temptation, curiosity led the fish off-course…

There’s an obvious spiritual correlation here. How are you allowing “harmless” temptations to hook you in and take you off-course from where God wants you to be? So often, we go off-course in life and then turn around and blame our bad life-decisions on God.

Why do we blame God for OUR bad life decisions?

Founder of Auntie Anne pretzel, Anne F. Beiler, once said it best…

In the Bible, (Eve) walked with God… but curiosity got the best of her. Temptation always comes to us in the form of curiosity. We want to taste it, feel it, and experience it. But, because Eve disobeyed God, she lived a life of feeling abandoned from God.

We are not saying that life becomes easy for people once they become a Christian, but quite the contrary in many regards. — Temptations of life don’t really go away or change when we choose to begin living for Christ.

The truth is that we often become more aware of our temptations and notice how they are in stark contrast to what God has called us to — and that is to live differently, living in the world but not of the world. (John 17:16)

One last quote from Anne…

In what ways are YOU trying to live differently?
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