Mission: Budapest, Hungary – What is it like to be a missionary + The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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What is this podcast episode about?

During our recent trip to Budapest, Hungary, we had the opportunity to visit with 2 missions couple to ask them about what it’s like being missionaries overseas.

When it comes to ministry work overseas as Americans, there are so many misconceptions about what life is like. During this episode of the podcast, we ask what it’s like raising a family, being away from family in the States, and what ministry in general is like.

European Refugee Crisis

PLUS, since we were in Budapest during the European Refugee Crisis, we had the opportunity to minister alongside Hungarian Nationals to families, handing out food and blankets, and be part of ministering to families fleeing a war-torn nation in search of peace for their families.

Below are some pictures that we took in and around the Keleti Train Station in late August 2015.

As promised in the podcast episode, below are a few of the snapshots we took at the Andrássy Mansion inTóalmás, Hungary where the Word of Life summer camps and Bible Institute are held throughout the year.

Of course, we want to make sure that we give special thanks to the follow for use of clips in this preview, including:

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Music in this episode was contributed by Kevin Macleod.
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