Oregon Community College Shooting 2015

Oregon Shooting: Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

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The Roseburg, Oregon Community College Shooting…

It’s been a little more than a week since the shooting at the community college in Roseburg, OR. The story is that a student gunman, armed with several guns and a bulletproof vest, walked into his classroom amongst his peers and began threatening and firing shots at the teacher and fellow classmates. Including himself, 10 people were counted dead in the end, leaving many others seriously hurt.

The question is: Why?

More specifically, why would a good and all-powerful God allow this to happen? It’s a tough question, and frankly, we rarely have the answers.

Whether it’s a school shooting, a loved one diagnosed with a life-threatening or terminal illness, or you lose someone close to you unexpectedly, we could all end up asking ourselves the same question.

The truth is that through it all, whether you choose to see it or not, we can have hope, and God can still use us through these situations to bring about good, build our own character, and impact those around us in a positive way. We truly can have hope.

We encourage you to listen to this podcast, and if you are currently struggling yourself or know someone who is struggling with deep philosophical questions like this, then please share this with that friend so that they may begin to find true hope again — the hope that we know that can only be found in Christ, “who is the anchor of our souls” (Hebrews 6:19).

A special thanks to CNN, NBC News, The Telegraph and CBS News for the use of their audio clips for this podcast. Also, thank you to Jonathan Parnell from Desiring God for his article, and Hope For The Heart for their materials and free biblical resources downloads during this discussion on “Hope” and “Evil & Suffering… Why?”.

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