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PROJECT: Faith Journey Our Foster Care Experience - Podcast Episode #5
Foster Siblings

Our Foster Care Experience – Episode #5

7 weeks.

I know that sounds like a relatively short period of time. But when your “kid load” goes from three of your own, doubling overnight to six — whew! Those seven weeks feel like an eternity.

When they came into our home, like any other children who come into your home through a foster care placement, you rarely know whether they are going to be in your home for a few days, or possibly even years.

Selfishly, I will admit that I am glad that it was only 7 weeks. With the home school season approaching, and my wife and her stress level that goes into that, I didn’t want to see her try and home school while taking care of 3 additional young children that are not school age.

We knew God was in this…

While this was a stressful time, we knew that God had orchestrated the entire event in our lives. It wasn’t for our benefit, but rather it was for their benefit that they were in our home.

The spiritual battle in the midst of foster care

The truth is that when we are in the thick of things, we often view the trials we are going through as “the world coming against me.” But the fact was that these children came into our home with SO much spiritual baggage and negative spoken over them, that the negative wasn’t against us — it was more that it was living with us. God had brought us these young children so that we could help them unpack the negative from their life and finally get to the point of moving on without carrying the weight of what they had been living with for years. Yes, they were all 4-year-old and under, but they needed help.

God knew that we weren’t perfect, but with his help and guidance, we could help shelter them, and at times, give them the tough love they needed to understand that it was okay to leave their issues, put them to the side before they moved on to the next home with family.

Wonderfully, the three “new littles” in the home were able to leave without the hitting, biting, discontent and confusion they brought with them. They were able to move forward with more peace than before. Were they “healed” and “perfect?” — (Are you perfect? … I didn’t think so.) — Neither were they. But they were to a better place than before and we could see that they were stronger and more equipped to move on.

The encouragement

We hope listening to this episode of the podcast on our foster care experience has helped and encouraged you.

Know that what whatever you are going through and any struggle you are facing…

  1. God, if you ask and allow Him, will give you the strength to get through this.
  2. Allow God to give you a fresh vision of what the struggle is making you to be … allowing God to fashion you into a stronger person in spite of the difficultly or struggle.

What is God calling you to today that is hard, but you know He has called you to it? Share your thoughts about this post on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Music in this episode was contributed by Kevin Macleod.

Photo Credit: charlesflickr

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