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PROJECT: Faith Journey Overwhelmed


I am overwhelmed.

Yes … by the sheer task of being mom to 6 kids (ranging from ages 1 to 6), all with different needs and desires.

Yes … by the chaos that is sure to be a lingering effect as we find our new norm.

Yes … by the hurt that I get a glimpse of in their vulnerable moments.

… But, more than that I am overwhelmed by Him.

This God of grace and mercy who saw fit to let me be the mom of these 6 amazing kids. This King of glory, who, in spite of our flaws, entrusted Josh and I to shower these kids with love and affection and to guide their hearts toward Him.

I am overwhelmed by the people God put in our lives to help us through this time. The people who have come and asked to be apart of these kids lives through giving and serving and bringing meals and helping me organize. The people who have taken my 3 bio littles for the day to ease the burden of Dr’s appointments for the new littles. The people who have gone out of their way to be a listening ear and give encouragement.

This is what I am overwhelmed by!

My pride almost didn’t allow me to ask for or accept help. It whispered that this was my task and I could do it by myself!

But the truth is, this is not my task, it is our task! — Yes, we are the ones who are here day in and day out pouring our love and prayers over these children, but none of this would be possible on our own!

I can’t imagine how different it would be right now if we had “bucked up” and got it done by ourselves. I imagine the exhaustion we are currently feeling would be more like deep despair.

But, God brought the right people at the right time to pour into our kiddos lives! Each and every one of you that have helped have played a vital role in caring for and loving these kids and for that I thank you!

How can we ALL take part?

For those of you who don’t know us, find a foster family in your area and pour out your love. It may take them a while to get over their pride but just keep pushing, just keep insisting, and just keep showing up! We are all called to live out pure religion in James 1:27 to love and care for the orphans and widows. It may not be that you are in a place to foster or adopt yourself but you can make a meal, or mow a lawn, or clean out your kid’s closet and pass on gently used clothing and shoes.

You may be the difference between the foster family giving up or pressing on knowing they are not alone! Like the believers in the Book of Acts sharing so that no one was in need, we are grateful for those who have come around us, and it’s truly the church being “The Church” God has called us to be.

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