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PROJECT: Faith Journey God's Timing, Not Yours. Not every opportunity is a GOD oppprtunity
The Growth of a Seed

Podcast Quick Insight – God’s Timing, Not Yours. Not every opportunity is a GOD oppprtunity

Even when you feel buried by life there’s hope. Just like a seed in soil, it an opportunity to grow. Jonathan Malm (@jonathanmalm)

For new life and growth to happen, literally seeds have to separate from the plant and die. And in that dying of self is where God allows supernatural life to happen — but that only occurs in the right season and at the right time and right conditions. Outside of those circumstances when the seed is brought before it’s time, it will not thrive. It only succeeds when allowed to in the conditions God ordained, not what we force otherwise.

So, unless you don’t think in spiritual metaphors, you might have just missed what I said there. There are 5 things you should know about growth.

  1. Know where it begins: define the seed.
    Often times, feeling buried in life’s problems, we might feel like a seed, buried under life’s problems — BUT, if we allow it, this is an opportunity for growth. Beyond and outside of self, we have opportunities… places where God can spark amazing growth in our lives.Ask yourself: what are some opportunities presently in your life that God can use you?
  2. Put self aside: It’s time to separate and die.
    Deep growth cannot happen if we do not, as the Bible puts it, “die to self” and put ourselves aside. Let’s get out of the way of what we want and seek God’s best for our lives. Why? We can’t move forward with God if there are things in the way. Often times, we are the ones holding ourselves back from the great things of God.
  3. Make a CHOICE: Do you choose Success or failure…?
    You have ability to thrive. The key word there is “thrive.” In your life, ask yourself, “Do I want to fail or succeed?” — If you chose “fail” then we have some other things we need to talk through. Because to succeed, you need to choose to succeed, which best happens when you wake up everyday saying, “I am deciding to succeed today,” and really believing it. So, if you chose, “Succeed,” then I need to go a step further and ask, “Am I going to just meet minimum standards to pass, or I choosing to excel forward?” I hope that you don’t see life with a ceiling, but life boundless with opportunities for greatness that God has called you to. Choose today to THRIVE.
  4. Growth happens BEST when it’s supposed to: God’s Timing
    I wholeheartedly believe that God has something amazing for YOUR life. There are seasons, just like in nature, where plants work and do not work. Ecclesiastes tells us “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.” There are times when we should and should not move forward with opportunities before us. I believe that God reveals doors to us, sometimes, just so we know that they are there, NOT so that we should walk through them. Not every opportunity is a good opportunity. So, as you pray about these opportunities, allow the Holy Spirit’s leading to take you to where you should go, when it should be done, and the manner in which it will be done BEST…Side note:
    It’s been a little disturbing lately to me to read that there are believers who are beginning to believe that God doesn’t care about the little things in our life, that God ONLY has a general map without any desire for what he wants for your life. To this, I love the Oswald Chambers quote in My Utmost for His Highest,

    “God does not further our spiritual life in spite of our circumstances, but in and by our circumstances.”

    Meaning, God knows all. He created all. It’s true that He didn’t instruct all to happen, allowing the option for both good and bad to exist. I personally believe in free will and that we can choose to follow or not follow God’s leading for our life; but, I honestly believe that He wants us to walk out our lives as he calls, in His plan and will for our lives. I will speak more to right and wrong choices in the next section, but know that for all of the good and evil that exist and comes about in this world, God can be there for us and help guide us if we allow Him to. Not trusting God daily is a mistake; taking every choice into our own hands will only turn up mediocre, human results. Trusting God enough to involve Him in the decision process nets a higher return than we could attain on our own.

  5. Trust: You are not God, so do not attempt to be.
    What do I mean by that, you ask? It sounds like a loaded statement… and it kind of is. God has given us the ability to choose. Choose good, choose bad. Choose this path over another. It’s true that not all choices are right or wrong — sometimes they are JUST choices. “Red velvet cake or Tiramisu for dessert?” While that would be a hard choice for my wife, neither is a wrong choice. So, what am I talking about here?

Growth in the correct order:
The opportunities in life that we are acting upon in some instances are not right or wrong. BUT, the order in which we do it many times can make a difference. It’s like choosing to retire before you’ve built up the financial foundation to achieve to not work any longer; without proper planning, retiring at 30-years-old with only $10K in the bank, might not be the wisest option.

Forced Growth:
If we force the growth of a situation, we will have growth, true, but it may be false growth. This is unsustainable, with no foundation to thrive, thus killing a dream before its time. In Matthew 13, Jesus tells a story of about seeds being planted, “the seeds sprouted quickly because the soil was shallow. But the plants soon wilted under the hot sun, and since they didn’t have deep roots, they died.”

Trust God for the right time: 
Allow the “seeds,” or opportunities, to fall in the place of the “good soil,” and “water it” in the right timing, so God can be the One to allow the growth to happen as it is supposed to.

What is God showing you right now as an opportunity for growth? Share your thoughts about this post on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Music in this episode was contributed by Kevin Macleod.

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