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PROJECT: Faith Journey Ministering to Homeless in Northwest Arkansas - Souls Harbor
Souls Harbor

Ministering to the down and out in Northwest Arkansas – Souls Harbor

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Homelessness and hopelessness

Last time on PFJ, we alluded to that we have an upcoming episode talking about the topic of Homelessness, and really asking, do we have a healthy view of this community.

In getting ready for that piece, we wanted to talk to someone who volunteers regularly with those who have not had the easiest hand dealt to them in life. We can all feel hopeless at times, but there is another sect of the our communities that not only feel hopeless at times, but also homeless.

Let’s be honest —  Even as Christians living in 2016, we don’t always have the most balanced view on things and the way we see people in society, including those living on the streets and in shelters. We forget too easy that we are all created in the image of God.

This week, let’s call it a prequel to next week, as we speak to Brad with a great community based missions field in Northwest Arkansas. Let’s listen in to what he and his team members are working on…

This week on the podcast…

Soul’s Harbor –

“Souls Harbor NWA is a transitional-living facility for men. We provide food, clothing, shelter, educational, and employment opportunities free of charge, while walking alongside men who ready to reconstruct their lives. We are dedicated to restoring individuals, rebuilding families, and transforming communities!”

Learn more about Soul’s Harbor in Northwest Arkansas, by visiting their website and Facebook pages:

Also, to learn more about the Hope For The Journey Ministry and Podcast, use the links below:

  • Hope For The Journey: www.myhopejourney.co
  • Book: Hope For the Journey: Walking Through the Valley of Darkness For and With Your Prodigal

Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon

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  1. The man, the myth, the legend…I kid 😆….but really, “The Real Deal” the man who puts ‘serve in service’ my friend Brad Melton was AWESOME…great Ep. Jen & Josh

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