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The Top Five Lies Christians Believe

Is going to church necessary? Does being a “good person” mean we are “good enough” as believers? Does God care about the “small” things in life? Only pastors can be in charge and lead others, right? God wants me to be happy, doesn’t He? What are your thoughts?

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Interview with author speaker Jonathan Malm

In this episode for PROJECT: Faith Journey, we took a few minutes to sit down with author, entrepreneur & speaker, Jonathan Malm. We asked, “Are you allowing God to make in you something creative and good?” and “What is the church doing to make visitor feel ‘unwelcome’ — and how are you doing the same in your own life?”

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The justice Cheer Team

This cheer squad is a team made of both special needs individuals and their non-disabled peers coming together in one team to cheer as one in their community. Inclusion and acceptance is lived out amongst these young girls, which should only further and help them as they help shape the way society treats everyone, disabilities or not, as equals.

The difference they are making in their community is inspiring.

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