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Nations Foundation - Missions Media & Journalism

When you listen to this podcast, we want you to totally lose your traditional view of missions, and think of it in a whole new way! This episode paints the picture of a group of “creatives” who share how God is using others around the world to spread God’s love and message in amazing ways. Missions is not always about planting churches in the jungle, running an orphanage, constructions work or medical/dental trips. Listen in today to hear about this group of story-tellers doing what they can to spread the Good News in creative ways.

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The Growth of a Seed

A little science lesson: For new life and growth to happen, literally seeds have to separate from the plant and die. And in that dying of self is where God allows supernatural life to happen — but that only occurs in the right season and at the right time and right conditions. Outside of those circumstances when the seed is brought before it’s time, it will not thrive. It only succeeds when allowed to in the conditions God ordained, not what we force otherwise.

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