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Interview with author speaker Jonathan Malm

In this episode for PROJECT: Faith Journey, we took a few minutes to sit down with author, entrepreneur & speaker, Jonathan Malm. We asked, “Are you allowing God to make in you something creative and good?” and “What is the church doing to make visitor feel ‘unwelcome’ — and how are you doing the same in your own life?”

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The justice Cheer Team

This cheer squad is a team made of both special needs individuals and their non-disabled peers coming together in one team to cheer as one in their community. Inclusion and acceptance is lived out amongst these young girls, which should only further and help them as they help shape the way society treats everyone, disabilities or not, as equals.

The difference they are making in their community is inspiring.

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Common Misconceptions About Christianity

“If God is so loving, how can a loving God send people to Hell?” — In this second episode of the podcast, we discuss the Common Misconceptions of Christianity.

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What is PROJECT Faith Journey

It has been some time coming… but we are finally ready to launch the podcast. Introducing Episode 1: “What is PROJECT: Faith Journey?” Hear our hearts on what we want this Podcast to be, … and honestly, what DON’T want this to be. We hope that podcast will be an ongoing encouragement to live whole, transformed lives in Christ everyday.

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Baby with Headphones

Now that we have your attention… We are expecting soon a bouncing, baby podcast soon. 🙂 So, while you are here, can you PLEASE take 2 seconds and tell us what topics you might want to hear most on a podcast from PROJECT: Faith Journey? We trust you, so please be honest! From serious to silly, we are open to all questions of what you want to hear.

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