Podcast: The State of the Church, comparing the US to the UK

The State of the Christian Church in the US & UK + #ParisAttacks | Episode 17

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Today we have not only an important topic, but its not just me talking. Jen joined in on the conversation as we have on some very important diplomats from across the US and across the pond… Both my guests today are people who have their own podcasts, and enjoy talking, so this could be either dangerous or very good…

In this episode, we open the discussion to talk about the recent attacks in Paris as it related to immigration, refugees and what the Church’s response should be.

We also talk to remaining discussion time to dive a bit deeper into the State of the Christian Church, comparing the US to the UK. Is everything in the Church good, or are there areas that could be improved upon? In relation to culture, has the church improved, stayed the same or gotten worse as culture has changed?

Guests in today’s program:

Tony Vance – Ordained minister in West Virginia
Podcast: Everything According Tony Vance
Website: TonyVance.com
Twitter: @TonyVance1966

Chris Stuttard – Pastor of a Church in the Northeast side of the United Kingdom.
Podcast (with co-host Christopher Trattles): Uncategorised Christian Podcast
Twitter: @ChrisStuttard

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Music in this episode was contributed by Kevin Macleod.

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