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PROJECT: Faith Journey Trust Fall - Do you trust God with EVERY area of your life?
Trust Fall

The Trust Fall

You’ve heard of team building exercises, right? It’s something done periodically by people within an organization or company to help build trust within the group. If you trust each other, then the idea is that you will work together better. Often, you hear of these exercises done off site from work somewhere, like a retreat center. These small group games push individuals to work together better, and ultimately to overcome personal fears trust issues that weigh you down.

While I won’t go into all the different types of team exercises that groups do, there is one that is hard for me to – It’s called the Trust Fall.

You’ve probably seen or heard of it…

  • A person stands up straight, arms crossed across their chest, often on an elevated platform.
  • A group of team members stand below them with their arms out ready to catch the person on the platform.
  • With one’s legs straight up and down, the person on the platform stands facing away from the group.
  • At this point, when the group is ready and they are prepared, the person begins to fall straight back, easily into the arms of the people below. The group catches the person…

That’s how it should go. But, what’s really going through everyone’s minds?

  • “I hope they don’t drop me!”
  • “What if that guy un-crosses their hands and hits me the face?”
  • “Can they really hold my weight? — I’m too big for them!”

(If you knew me personally, you would understand that the last bullet above is my biggest fear. I’ve never really been small in stature, weighing between 200 to 300 pounds most of my life. Honestly, I didn’t care so much if I were dropped as much as I didn’t want people to be burdened with my weight.)

Now, there is a lot more we could go into to talk about the issues I deal with, but let me ask you this question: With a “Trust Fall,” would you be able to do it? And, during it, what anxieties roll through your mind?

The heart of the matter…

It’s true… our personal anxieties with an exercise like the Trust Fall play more into the deeper issues we have in life — probably fears than we want to let on. this type of exercise helps answer questions like: “Do we have problems trusting others?” “Do we trust ourselves?” “Are you okay with feeling a little out of control for a moment?”

With a Trust Fall, the truth is that YOU are not 100% in control. The only 2 things you can and should do is 1) hold your hands in to protect others and 2) fall straight back without buckling your body. – For some of you, the sheer idea of this sends you into a slight panic. (Am I right?)

The Spiritual Slant

And, you probably guessed it with this being a blog about our faith, you’re asking, “Okay, Josh… We know there’s a spiritual angle you want to bring up. Lay it on us…” — I’m glad you asked! 😉

In the same way you might feel anxious about this with others, how is this revealing in the way we trust, or may do not trust, God at times?

We all go through “Trials” at some point in our life. And to be truthful, life itself is quite testing at times. Life is rarely easy to walk through. For the Christian believer, it really means that we need to all come to the point where we become genuine and honest with our Creator, telling Him, “I cannot do this without you. You are the only One I can trust to see this through…” — And if you’ve not figured it out yet, that’s exactly where God wants you – He wants you to be open, to trust Him more than anything else, including yourself, and let Him guide your paths. (See Proverbs 3:5-6, Matthew 11:28-30, Psalm 28: 6-9).

There is a song by traveling recording artists Trent & Siobhán called Trust Fall. The chorus of this worship song speaks well to the way we must respond to the cares of this world – We must “trust fall” in the arms of our Savior…

Trust Fall, Trust Fall – If you take that leap of faith
Trust Fall, Trust Fall – He will catch you in His Strength
Trust Fall, Trust Fall – Oh, there is no safer place.
Trust Fall, Trust Fall…

Listen to the song below on their website:


(Buy Trent and Siobhan’s EP, We Care, on iTunes or Amazon.)

So, back to the question…

Where are you in your daily / moment-to-moment trust with the Lord today? Are you trusting Him with the little things, as well as the big? Or maybe you trust Him with the big decisions, and micromanage the small things in life?

The Truth:
When you take time to truly trust God with each step, asking Him what He wants you to do in each situation on a regular basis, that while I do not think you will find life becomes any easier, I think that you will find that the trials and hardships in life won’t seem as big as they once were.

We encourage you to “trust fall” into God in deeper ways today. Find little ways to trust Him more and you will find that you can trust Him more often and in bigger ways more and more each day.

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