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PROJECT: Faith Journey Works vs. Faith: Which is most important?
Finding Faith amongst works

Works vs. Faith: Which is most important?

Ever gotten into the argument with other Christians (like that never happens), about Christian theological issues?

Amongst those awkward conversations in theological debates, is the one about Faith vs. Works, which is often related to the question, “Does salvation require works to get into Heaven?”

I am not going to go into this debate online, but I thought I would share this quote from a friend, who happens to be a missionary in Bolivia, named Seth:

Works vs Faith is not a question of “doing something” vs “not doing something,” but rather, “why am I doing this.”

Works is a way to earn. Faith is a way to please. Works is an obligation. Faith is a joyful offering.

But both require action.

When self gets in the way…

We “do” with our lives (“work”) because we care and have faith through the process; the moment that the “works” becomes about us, our faith is hindered — basically self has gotten in the way of what God was trying to accomplish in us. This is seemingly true for too many things: when SELF steps into the situations God ordained, we’re stepping in front of God and limiting what He can do in our lives.

Faith vs. Works is not Hand in Hand, but rather Hand in Glove.

What we need to understand most in the debate over Works vs. Faith is that the two go together and are not entirely separate issues; while I will say that salvation is not based on how many good things we’ve accomplished, one’s good works will naturally come about as we follow God’s leading for our life by faith.

Like Seth said, Faith and Works “both require action” on our part. 

How is God changing your mindset about Faith vs. Works?
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